"We share more than just a job;
we share the values of a profession"


The Mercier department offers instant peace of mind to any watchmaker looking for consistently good qualitative and quantitative results. Our production capacities expertly complement yours according to your needs, regarding reactivity and flexibility.

Un département sérénité mis à disposition de tout fabricant d’horlogerie soucieux de constance qualitative et quantitative


We make one-off pieces and sets. Our workings can be basic or elaborate. Watches range from stainless steel to pieces of jewellery. People trust us with their timepieces and we put them together and fine tune them with skill and care. We apply the same level of skill to reconditioning existing watches and mechanisms and providing customer services.

Technologie utilisée par Mercier SA


Our workshops are kitted out with manufacturing and testing equipment which is modern and up to date. We are always focused on achieving high quality results.

Une horlogère de chez Mercier SA
Nos compétences éprouvées sont au niveau de vos propres exigences
Une relation de proximité avec nos clients

Close working relationships

We maintain a close relationship with our clients and listen to them. We have a proven track record in meeting your requirements. We work in a way that is mindful of your business's growth.


You won’t see the name Mercier on watches. But it’s an invisible marker of quality watches associated with all the big names in the industry. And, as such, it is discreet. We’ve got two excellent reputations to maintain when it comes to our products: ours and our clients’!



We are based in the heart of Jura’s clock making region. Both its landscape and people are special. The fresh air and open space provide an appropriately peaceful backdrop for cutting edge, traditional clock making.


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